Alpines, Nedry and The Naked and Famous @ Shepherds Bush Empire

I was fortunate to watch three of the most exciting new bands of 2011 at Shepherds Bush last weekend. Three bands we are big fans of and have featured on the Akira site for the last six months and one of which Alpines, who from playing some of the earliest shows with us we’ve seen grow into a truly epic band who would fit any big stage. Right from the beginning Alpines have encapsulated a sound, an image and a concept that is the wake of a new trend in music, fashion and art. The idea of ‘Night’ Pop in a genre is an idea that is catching on and emerging but Alpines are the definition and the embodiment. With Catherine’s haunting and beautiful lead vocals over the top of Bob’s Production and swelling/delayed guitar playing, and now with the aid of a live drummer Alpines have been transformed into a sublime sound and a fascinating live spectacle. With some brilliant new songs that we are all yet to hear Alpines have got a lot to offer and there is a lot yet to come as we await the release of the debut album.

Alpines – Ice and Arrows

Nedry, who are a talented three piece with guitars and beats & bleeps, opened the show and did not look out of place at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Yet again this is a band with a sound for the future and this was a highlight of their set.

Nedry – Apples & Pears

The Naked and Famous are getting bigger and better with every show, I saw them play Audio in Brighton in March and now they’re selling out Shepherds Bush Empire. It shows how fast bands popularity can rise and this band deserve all the praise they’re getting, as they are proving to be one of the biggest hits of 2011. Read a full live and album review here –

But here’s a reminder if you need it.

The Naked and Famous – Punching In A Dream

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