Introducing: Camila Recchio and Ray Dalton

I came across these two incredible talents through Hip Hop artist Sol who features Ray Dalton on his album ‘Yours Truly’ and who’s part of the same scene in Seattle – a hotspot for musical talent in the States.

Camila Recchio and Ray Dalton have combined on this track ‘Whisper’ and it’s a stunning piece of music. When you first start watching the video you see and hear Camila Recchio playing the piano and singing, and you think ‘wow what a beautiful and powerful voice’, and until about 1.36mins you’re simply intrigued by the bloke in the braces. Then BAM it hits you – his voice that is – a majestic, effortless, soulful, belting vocal and suddenly you’re thinking ‘damn, if I had enough money I’d sign him!’ Nuff said, check out the track for yourself, and don’t skip to 1.36 otherwise you’ll ruin the suspense….

Camila Recchio – Whisper (feat. Ray Dalton)

Sol – 2020

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