Introducing: Francesca Bergami

I’ve just checked out a new artist Francesca Bergami and have fallen in love with her music and couldn’t help but blog about her. I know very little about her other than the fact she’s a singer/songwriter from London and is influenced by an array of artists including Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Massive Attack, Apparat and The Knife. Facebook says she went to Goldsmiths University and that she is mutual friends with Point Blank Music College, which is a Music Production College that I went to along with members of AlunaGeorge and Get People (we all have to learn somewhere). This suggests she Produces her own music..? I’m sorry that my stalking can’t bring any more information right now, we’ll all find out soon enough but for the moment she will remain shrouded in mystery. Of her influences she sounds most like Massive Attack to me and I hear other Trip Hop/Electronica influences such as Portishead and Zero 7, her voice sounds rather like Sia – who before she was writing songs and featuring for David Guetta she was a vocalist for Zero 7 (listen to ‘Destiny’). Francesca’s music is slightly more poppy than Zero 7 and is reminiscent of Emeli Sande’s trip hop influenced ‘Heaven’, I guess it’s a shame that the rest of Emeli Sande’s music is so boring. This is the first track anyone has heard from Francesca, besides maybe her best friend and/or her Manager if she has one? Who knows? She’s shrouded in mystery after all… Anyway listen to her song ‘The Other Side’ here and you’ll be listening to it on repeat.

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