Introducing: IYES

I was sent this track by a musician and friend Josh Christopher who’s apparently produced this project. Usually when artists send me their music and tell me to listen I’m just a bit reluctant to like it without even hearing a note, I give it ten seconds and if it’s not interesting me I switch off. It’s not necessarily because I’m a music snob and a pretentious arsehole, it’s just so much better if a message comes from a mate in the industry talking about a new band they’re liking – “have you heard this?” – than the artist themselves. However I went to the soundcloud for IYES, a band I knew NOTHING about, I saw that it was uploaded about 20 days ago and clicked play on the one song ‘Lighthouse (demo)’. I listened to the WHOLE song. Then I clicked play again, and again, and on about the third listen it struck me, “oh my god this is really fucking good…” It’s becoming a new fave. So I guess I better talk about the band rather than myself…

IYES is currently two musicians from Brighton, Josh and Melis, Josh has produced and mixed the track and Melis is the lead singer. It reminds me of many other acts in Brighton right now, most notably Nordic Giants and Phoria (the latter who are playing for us at Queen of Hoxton on 29th November) and also there’s bit of The xx in there. Lovely delayed guitar lines and harmonies between female and male voices. It helps that the singer Melis has a beautiful and delicate voice. Towards the end of the track it gets very epic. Anyway so IYES are supporting CITIZENS! in Brighton on 19th November, and I believe they’re looking to add more members to the live show. I’m in the stages of booking their first London show, an Akira night early next year so watch this space. I can’t wait to hear more tracks, and I’m hoping they’re all as good as the first one. Here we go now!

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