27th November 2010 – Akira @ The Cell


Hailing originally from the Channel Islands, Ro-Sham-Bo write eclectic Rock ‘n’ Roll music, performed with unparalleled energy and charisma. An outfit that has caused quite a stir on both the music and retro clothing scene, the Ro-Sham-Bo boys are widely known for their electric live performance, a totally brilliant mix of upbeat dance numbers and spine-tingling ballads. Their sound is characterised by a groove-drivenretro style, with courageous, gently erratic vocal melodies, supportive yet adventurous basslines and solid dance floor filling drums. Pass them up at your peril.

Also featuring:


World? Folk? Pop? Be not alarmed by the the unduly gaze of its 6 piece endeavour. For they have a motive you will think quite clever……Hectors Fanclub are a London-based outfit that plays acoustic roots and folk all rolled into one in a unique and captivating live show that has got the capital in a toe-tapping spin.


Meet MOVE. MOVE started organically when Jordan, Kane and the twins Andy and Tom began living together at their Australian beachside HQ, a run down apartment doomed for demolition. By taking their creativity to the walls, they formed a den in which MOVE was found and have gone on to play shows all around Australia. After relocating to NYC for the better half of 2009, MOVE have now based themselves out of London where they have begun recording their debut EP due out late 2010.


Leading an eclectic lifestyle as a session musician, antique dealer and youth theatre worker, Claudia Georgette has developed an unstoppable lust for storytelling. Her wonderfully anecdotal, and often satirical accounts of modern London life bounce playfully off the nostalgic tone of the Jazzy-Folk instrumentation, inspired by her patchwork heritage from France, Ireland and Argentina. With her tongue placed firmly in cheek and a stunning voice to boot, she shares her thoughts of a life less ordinary with striking theatricality.


Hosted by AKIRA.

The ethos of Akira is to feature nothing but good music, booking only talented artists either already with Label interest or on the cusp of bigger things – and as a result having good relationships with A&R.

We proudly present a selection of very talented artists as well as an afterparty thrown by Akira with DJs playing til well into the night! What’s not to go crazy for.


Contact <stevie> or <kate>@akirarecords.com for further information and future bookings.

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