Akira’s Playlist (July 2013)


Akira’s Playlist for July… Yes I realise it’s now August, I might have ruined July for you because you had no good playlists to listen to but stop making me feel guilty, it’s been a busy summer, alright?! Cool, glad we’re okay with that. Let’s just move on, listen to the music and be done with all the squabbling.

Akira’s Playlist (July 2013)

Listen to the playlist in full here –

or here


1. Dive In – Let Go

2. Haerts – All The Days

3. ANG LOW – Life Goes Down

4. Samaris – goda tungl

5. Sailor & I – Tough Love

6. Allman Brown & Liz Lawrence – Sons and Daughters

7. The Shins – New Slang

8. Night Beds – Ramona (Live at Ocean Way Studios)

9. Dems – Bridesmaid

10. MMOTHS – All These Things ft. Holly Miranda

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