Akira’s Playlist (March 2014)


This is the music that’s been keeping me inspired this last month or so. This playlist will help lift your spirits when you’re down and out, broke, and the world seems like it’s against you. Thank you to each and every one of these artists for writing truly great music and allowing me to keep faith because there’s so much hyped shit about at the moment, like did you watch The Brits this year? Bastimental, ugh kill me. And if you think it’s a good idea to cover ‘Clean Bandit – Rather Be’ on your acoustic guitar, well it’s not…

Anyway listen below. Peace to you good music lovers.

Akira’s Playlist (March 2014)

Listen to the playlist in full here –

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1. Ben Khan – Eden

2. Son Lux – Lost It To Trying

3. Vindata – All I Really Need (Feat. Kenzie May)

4. Tycho – Apogee

5. Jaymes Young – Parachute

6. Låpsley – Painter (Valentine)

7. SOKO – We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

8. Arthur Beatrice – Fairlawn

9. Talos – Tethered Bones

10. Mosis – You By U (AYLA Remix)

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