Akira’s Playlist (September 2013)


September has been rammed to the rafters with new music. Here is Akira’s Top 10 this month. For the clever ones amongst you, you may notice a slight variation between the soundcloud and youtube playlist. See if you can spot the difference, I bet you can barely contain your excitement…

Akira’s Playlist (September 2013)

Listen to the playlist in full here –

or here


1. Barnaby – Fresh Made Lemonade

2. Keep Shelley in Athens – Flyway

3. BANKS – This Is What It Feels Like (Prod. Lil Silva & Jamie Woon)

4. Mt. Wolf – Midnight Shallows

5. Lovelife – Exhaler

6. Sohn – Lessons

7. Lord Huron – Ghost On The Shore

8. STILL PARADE – Actors

9. High Highs – A Real Hero (College cover)

10. Ripperton – Random Violence

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