Ones to watch in 2015. There are some glaringly obvious choices of artists that I’ve left out of this list, many in the BBC Sound Poll for instance – that’s either a) because they’ve already been included in a previous ones to watch list on this site or b) because I don’t think they’re very interesting or original.

At the moment I like at least one song from all of these artists (the song I’ve included in this list), have even worked with a few in the past, and I think the art that they’re creating is on the whole pretty good and is having a positive influence on the music industry. I’m sure many of these artists as they get bigger I will grow to hate – I always do looking back over my ones to watch lists of previous years. Not only is it incredibly irritating when things are over-hyped and rammed down your throat but many of these artists’ choices will be dictated too much by money, getting played on commercial radio and ‘the business’. As a result the music / art will suffer, becoming bland and annoying. Let’s hope most of them make the right choices and become brilliant artists. Time will tell.

1. Leon Bridges – Coming Home

2. Years & Years – Memo

3. Låpsley – Falling Short

4. Ben Khan – Eden

5. TĀLĀ – Alchemy

6. Wet – No Lie (Live)

7. Movement – Ivory

8. Nao – So Good (feat. A.K. Paul)

9. Grace Mitchell – Broken Over You

10. Nick Hakim – I Don’t Know

11. The Districts – Funeral Beds

12. Blood Cultures – Indian Summer

13. Cash+David – Pulse

14. Alice Boman – Waiting

15. Anna of the North – Sway

16. Flyte – Light Me Up

17. Black Honey – Teenager

18. Honne – The Night

19. Sam Sure – Hunger

20. Oslo Parks – The Night

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