Akira’s Song of the Day: Beacon – Bring You Back


Oh my god this is good… I’ve listened to this song roughly 20 times today already. Coming from Brooklyn this is an experimental electronic RnB duo Beacon, they sound fucking cool before you even listen right? I want to hang out with these guys, then maybe I’ll be as cool as them, is that how it works..? What’s more this is released on Ghostly International, one of my favourite Labels who have released Gold Panda, Mux Mool, Phantogram, Tycho and many more. My aim with Akira Records is to release music as good as that on Ghostly… Beacon sound like a Ghostly release with a bit of Thom Yorke thrown in there for good measure. If you do anything today, listen to this… I already know this is going in my next Akira playlist, yeah it’s THAT good.

Beacon – Bring You Back

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