Akira’s Song of the Day: Deco Child – S&G

Akira’s Song of the Day is a MASSIVE TUNE from Deco Child, and I’d challenge anyone to a duel if they disagreed with me. His other big tune Pray was an Akira song of the day and in a mothly playlist a few months back, you can find it on our Facebook page or down below (we made it easy for you)… Deco Child is signed to Ninja Tune (one of my/our favourite Labels) and he lives above my bandmate from Mt. Wolf, and Head of Production of Akira Records, in South London innit… Not only is he (deco Child) a proper safe guy and all that but he’s a fucking amazing and talented producer, so much so I want to say swear again, so go on fucking listen to the song then.

Deco Child – S&G

Deco Child – Pray

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