Akira’s Song of the Day: Dems – Christabel

Akira’s Song of the Day comes from our pals Dems. These guys are one of my favourite bands on the London scene, I frequently rinse their track ‘Inner O’ on my various Spotify playlists. They have great songs, they’re great live and they’re great lads. The production is sublime, the songwriting is brilliant and it’s the perfect kind of dreamy, downbeat, electronica that we love here at Akira. This beautiful new song also features a gorgeous music video with two gorgeous girls, what more do you want? Dems are for fans of Get People, Sun Glitters, Purity Ring, Mmoths etc…

Dems – Christabel

Get People – Back To Dust

Sun Glitters – Too Much To Lose

Purity Ring – Lofticries

Mmoths – Heart (feat. Keep Shelley In Athens)

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