Akira’s Song of the Day: Duologue – Push It


Akira’s Song of the Day on Blue Monday is Duologue‘s new single ‘Push It’. This is the second single by Duologue to be released by our pals over at Killing Moon Records. We loved their first single ‘Underworld’ so much we made it Song of the Day AND included it in our October playlist of 2012 – YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. This “Radio Edit” of the new single is a casual five minutes long and is an epic track from start to finish. I think it’s nice that Duologue have been courteous enough for those at Radio to edit their track to just five minutes, I however wanted to hear the original (extended) version so I went to their soundcloud and found out that the song is in fact six minutes and twenty five seconds long. I for one feel it’s refreshing when a band makes a track that’s longer than six minutes, screw all these Indie bands with 2 minute long songs, I think a band really shows it means business when it creates six minute long masterpieces and five minute long radio edits… Remember bands like The Verve, they had stuff to say and didn’t know how to create songs under 5 minutes… Long live Richard Ashcroft and long live Duologue.

Duologue – Push It (Radio Edit)

Duologue – Push It

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