Akira’s Song of the Day: Fryars – On Your Own


I can’t really decide whether I like this song or not, it’s like when you can’t work out whether someone is hot or not so it makes you all the more intrigued and you end up staring at them a little bit to work it out, and then you make eye contact and it’s like ‘what the hell is going on here?’. Well this is similar, I’ve ended up listening to this a lot in the past couple of days and I still can’t really work out whether I like it. I’ll tell you my dilemma, I’m not that keen on the guy’s voice or even the melodies that much but I really like the production, and there’s something about this song that is hypnotising. What’s also making it more difficult is that I just keep running into it everywhere, and sometimes after a while when that happens you just start to fancy it for no apparent reason, even though you know it’s not really to your preference. Maybe if this song were to come on to me in a bar and it was late I’d end up going home with it, there’s a lot of tension now anyway, BUT I’m not sure I’d actually go out of my way to approach it, I mean there are always more songs to listen to… Oh well, what the hell I thought I’d share it anyway and let you decide for yourself.

Fryars – On Your Own

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