Akira’s Song of the Day: Indiana – Swim Good (Frank Ocean cover)


When you run a Record Label, no matter how big or small it is the most important thing is putting out music that you love, and that’s what I try to do at Akira Records. Sometimes (and this doesn’t happen very often) you come across something and you listen to it and you think ‘fuck me this is good, I’d like to release this…’ I thought this about Indiana when I heard her voice, I then did a little research and found out she’s signed to Sony… Oh well eh. She also has no contact details on the internet which either means you’re an idiot, or you’re too cool for school, I reckon it’s probably the latter in this case… Anyway the next best thing to releasing music is sharing it on your blog so here I am. This cover of Frank Ocean is epic, Indiana is going to do well, I just know it…

Indiana – Swim Good (Frank Ocean cover)

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