Akira’s Song of the Day: MONEY – Bluebell Fields


I’ve taken a brief break from listening to Still Parade ‘Actors’ and so tonight I’ve been listening to Manchester band MONEY. Mt. Wolf are playing Union Chapel on Friday and the last time I was at the venue I saw MONEY, they completely blew me away, it was like watching a band that had already made it. They’ve set the standard for any band on a similar level to live up to. Simon Raymonde (of Bella Union and Cocteau Twins fame) recently said that MONEY are the most important band to come out of Manchester since Joy Division, and I think he may have a point. There’s certainly not a great deal of good music coming out of Manchester at the moment… This band just seem like the real deal, they have something to say, their music is individual and it’s art for arts sake unlike a lot of popular music which feels incredibly contrived and packaged. I look forward to hearing their album, this is a band I’d buy on vinyl. I wouldn’t say that about many new bands right now…

MONEY – Bluebell Fields

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