Akira’s Song of the Day: MONEY – SO LONG (GODISDEAD)

Akira’s Song of the Day comes from Manchester based MONEY. I’ve been saying recently that Manchester doesn’t have enough interesting bands, other than The 1975, but these guys prove me wrong. I’ll admit I’m pretty late to post about MONEY but I decided to finally check out their music after being prompted to by an interview I read in the brilliant Fourth & Main Journal. My partner (not sexually, but Head of Production of Akira Records and Mt. Wolf ‘Bassi Fox’) and I had lunch with the Editor/Creative Director of Fourth & Main today (at Soho House, ahem…), and I decided to read their latest issue on the tube home. It’s great, check it out.

ANYWAY, so MONEY are a very interesting band, the lead singer gives off the artistic genius impression and the band seem intent on not becoming commercial, somewhat hiding themselves away in exclusivity and as a result gaining a rather cultish following of fans. As quoted in Fourth & Main the frontman Jamie Lee says, “If you are an artist in the modern world, aim for failure. That’s my advice.” How very post-modern, and thanks for the advice Jamie, I’ll bear that in mind next time I’m writing a song, and I guess all the “artists” I’ve seen recently at Britain’s Got Talent auditions are heading in the right direction, a post-modern state of success; failure. They’re the true “artists” in this world, forget the likes of Alt-J with all their success and recognition, aim to be more like Chris Maloney off the X Factor, a man who is doomed for failure… I like MONEY’s music all the same and they’ll probably be annoyed by what I’m about to say next. I predict big things for these guys in the future, and when I mean big things I mean lots of success! Lol.


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