Akira’s Song of the Day: MS MR – Bones

Akira’s Song of the Day comes from commercial pioneers of Chillwave MS MR. This boy/girl pop duo are about the best boy/girl pop duo we’ve ever come across – sorry La Roux, but do you even have the boy anymore anyway?.. and Eurythmics Annie Lennox ruined it for you, MS MR are way trendier, did we mention they’re from New York…

Check out their new single ‘Bones’, they headline BIRTHDAYS in Dalston next week on 12th September… I told you they were trendy, you wouldn’t catch Annie Lennox hanging out in Dalston, or at least if you did it wouldn’t be trendy – and you’d probably get the first train out of Dalston Junction in the hope that no paparazzi would catch you hanging out with Annie Lennox…

The MS MR gang uploaded this approximately one hour ago according to YouTube –

MS MR – Bones

You know what I’m sayin’? This song haunted me as a child –

Annie Lennox – No more I love you’s

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