Akira’s Song of the Day: Purity Ring – Grammy


Akira’s Song of the Day is bad ass cover of Soulja Boy by one of my favourite bands Purity Ring. I don’t even care if they’re potentially cynically cashing in on the Grammy hype with a song called ‘Grammy’ because the song is REALLY good and that’s the most important thing right? Megan James has one of the best female vocals I’ve ever heard – that might sound a bit drastic to say that but the way she sings really does it for me and I love the tone in her voice, I also love the fact that she’s rap-singing here. After listening to Purity Ring’s version I listened to Soulja Boy’s original version and it’s also REALLY good, obviously I don’t know enough good music from Soulja Boy, this chorus hook is great…

Purity Ring – Grammy

Soulja Boy – Grammy (ft. Ester Dean)

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