Akira’s Song of the Day: Solomon Grey – Firechild

Akira’s Song of the Day is a FREE download from London/Australian duo Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson who make up Solomon Grey. Apparently they’ve already created an album, they decided to before launching Solomon Grey to the world. Most acts hone on their craft and come up with one or two songs and then let rip, but NO these guys decided to write an ENTIRE album, which took three years before saying hello to the world, yes THREE years! The boys in Solomon Grey are certainly very patient and similarly the same must be said for the team surrounding them, it took a crew of 22 friends to make this video for ‘Firechild’ for instance. But as the saying goes good things come to those who wait, and this video is brilliant, as is the song and it’s already racked up a healthy 13,000 or so hits on YouTube. The obvious comparison is TV on the Radio but it also reminds me of The Invisible, Cut Copy and Junior Boys, catchy, rhythmical Indie/Electro and we wish them the very best for 2013…

Solomon Grey – Firechild

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