Akira’s Song of the Day: Swim Deep – She Changes the Weather

swim deep

I’ve never really posted about any of Swim Deep‘s other tunes, and if I’m completely honest I haven’t understood the hype that surrounds them, but I think this song is fantastic. Great video too. When I listen to their album this will probably be the one song I like, but then who knows? I always thought Swim Deep were a bit like The Vaccines, one of those bands that loads of other people seemed to love but I just thought they were average, and their averageness irritated me because they were so successful. You know a bit like the equivalent of Lee Evans as a stand-up comedian – everyone else is laughing but I’m sitting there thinking ‘why is this guy so successful, and sweaty??’ Turns out Swim Deep have got more in their locker than The Vaccines, I’m still to listen to ONE song by The Vaccines that I like… You can’t please everyone.

Swim Deep – She Changes the Weather

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