Akira’s Song of the Day: Teen Daze – Ice On The Windowsill


If you’re in the know you would have heard of Teen Daze already. If you’re not in the know, it’s okay because I’m here to educate you, I’m nice like that… Teen Daze is a canadian dreamwave producer who’s written an album entitled “Glacier”, it’ll be coming out in October on Lefse Records and I will be buying it on vinyl. The reason why you should know about him: he was on the Bon Iver: Stems Project, one of the greatest remix albums of recent times. If you’re stressed or feeling under pressure this will chill you the f**k out. If you like this, you should listen to Tycho, Boards of Canada, Mmoths, Helios, Ulrich Schnauss, Dems, I could go on…

Teen Daze – Ice On The Windowsill

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