Akira’s Song of the Day: The Divers – A Little Better

Akira’s Song of the Day comes from London band The Divers. Akira has gone a little Indie mad this week. The Divers released the single ‘A Little Better’ on tastemaker Label Laissez Faire Club earlier this week and had their EP Launch on Tuesday night which apparently was packed out. Just so you know we booked their FIRST ever gig at Akira when they were ‘Pete Hickman and The Divers’, off the back off this song actually, saw a video of a live session ages ago and thought the track showed promise. For me they sound like the English Foo Fighters, and bloggers keep throwing around the Dinosaur Jr. comparison which is fair, The Elbow comparison I however don’t see at all. This music video is strangely entertaining in a similar way to the early Foo Fighters videos, like they’re not taking themselves too seriously. Let’s hope they keep banging out tunes like ‘A Little Better’ in future, it’s a well written and catchy number so we applaud them.

In other news one of the members of ‘The Divers’ is playing in another new band tonight, ‘The Mispers’ at Queen of Hoxton, it’s an Akira gig, and it’s their FIRST ever gig. We love to boast about being the first on things.

The Divers – A Little Better

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