Akira’s Song of the Day: Wolf Alice – White Leather

wolf alice

Akira’s Song of the Day comes from HYPE band Wolf Alice who are releasing a single Fluffy on Chess Club Records today and playing an NME Awards Tour Show at The Waiting Room (I’d be going if I wasn’t running an open mic night, oh well). I’ve been a fan of Wolf Alice for a while, even before my mate Joel joined the band and when Ellie had written a track called ‘Wednesday’ and put it up online. Personally I thought Wolf Alice were amazing back then, and included the song in my May Playlist of 2012 but not many in the industry seemed to agree back then. I booked them a gig at CAMP in July and it was a lot grungier than I had expected and it was the first gig Joel was playing. Since then they’ve got just better and better and now everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak. This SOTD is actually the b-side to their single Fluffy ‘White Leather’ which is arguably a much better song, or at least more to my taste. It was No. 1 on Hype Machine last week so it suggests the blogosphere agrees with me… Anyway one day when Wolf Alice are big time and are touring the world, I’ll tell my friends that I booked them a gig at a venue in Shoreditch that is now closed down, and it was their drummer’s first gig and everyone will pat me on the back, think I’m wicked and buy me a jaegar bomb or something. These are the little rewards you get as a promoter, because otherwise it’s a f**king stress and most musicians/agents hate you for no reason at all, just because you’re a promoter… It’s okay though this time next year I’ll be a millionaire…

Wolf Alice – White Leather

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