Akira’s Song of the Day: Young Unknowns – Drive (The Cars Cover)

young unknowns

Akira’s Song of the Day comes from new New York band Young Unknowns. This is very late/early in the day here in the UK but I’m doing the nightshift, listening to music whilst the rest of London is sleeping, it’s the best time to listen after all. Also as this band are from New York I’m effectively still posting this ‘Song of the Day’ on Tuesday and not Wednesday NY time. Anyway you really should listen to this beautiful cover of an 80s electro pop song by The Cars. This is one of those songs that I forgot about, I forgot how much I love it and I dare say that Young Unknowns have done a better version of the song. This is a truly inspired cover, as not only have they bettered the original but it’s just such a great song choice, an underrated and brilliant song. If I was a music supervisor I’d be going nuts right now. This is the only song by The Cars that I think I have ever heard. In fact I’m not sure there’s many people who would know this song was The Cars in a pop quiz, under the age of 25 anyway… ‘Who the hell are The Cars? Do you mean The Corrs – those three fit sisters and that dodgy looking bassist?’ they’d say… Well done Young Unknowns, well done indeed. I’m hopefully booking them at The Cornershop on Shoreditch High Street on Wednesday 6th February, whilst they’re over in the UK… Free entry show, you should come…

Young Unknowns – Drive (The Cars Cover)

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