Akira’s Song(s) of the Day: Lonesound – The Great Outdoors / Reuben Hollebon – Breaking Plastic

Akira’s Song or Songs of the day today come from two artists we’re putting on TONIGHT, at different venues… This may seem like self-promotion but they’re both f**king good. You could see this somewhat as a duel of the songwriters, who wins YOU decide! The winner takes it all etc…

Lonesound is the alias of songwriter and producer James Ewers, and this tune ‘The Great Outdoors’ is the first of 3 upcoming EP download releases, culminating in a 12″ vinyl release of the whole album in early 2013. It’s home-recorded and we can’t bloody wait because this guy could be a songwriting genius, the Brit Buckley. He’s playing for us tonight at The Old Queens Head alongside Yours & Mine, Keebo and Tiny Birds. Just to show off how buff the venue is here’s a photo of our last gig there (photo of Dominic Youdan) –

and here’s Lonesound, he’s playing at The Old Queens Head this very evening, so if you like, come watch –

Lonesound – The Great Outdoors

Our second offering comes from an equally impressive songwriter Reuben Hollebon who lists his influences as Radiohead, Elliot Smith, Odetta, Bright Eyes and Tom Waits. He’s playing an acoustic set at The Corner Shop on Shoreditch High Street, this one is free entry. Just to show off how beautiful this venue is, here’s a photo (of Allman Brown who is also actually playing tonight with Reuben and is also brilliant) –

This has been the longest and most informative Song of the Day in history, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have… Check out ‘Breaking Plastic’ by Reuben Hollebon, and come see him tonight for FREE –

Reuben Hollebon – Breaking Plastic


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