Aunt Martha – Steal Back


Sometimes we like listening to real folk music – if it’s not wet cheesy shit like Ed Sheeran and Passenger – so let’s have a folk day. I’ve been listening to Aunt Martha today, they are from New York, and their music is kind to the ears. I’ve decided to make a list (a compilation if you will) underneath Aunt Martha of the less commercial great bands/artists in folk music you may not have listened to like Nick Drake, Keaton Henson, Lord Huron, RY X, Grand Hallway, Horse Feathers, Josienne Clark and Ben Walker, Sophie Jamieson and Allman Brown… I recommend you play this music if you’re feeling sombre and contemplative, or if not just play it when you’re on the train or something…

Aunt Martha – Steal Back

Nick Drake – Place To Be

Keaton Henson – To Your Health (Last FM Session)

Lord Huron – Ghost On The Shore

RY X – Berlin (Cardinal Sessions)

Grand Hallway – Winter Creatures

Horse Feathers – Curs In The Weed

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – My Love is like a Red Red Rose

Sophie Jamieson – Dinah

Allman Brown & Liz Lawrence – Sons and Daughters

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