Beyoncé – Drunk in Love / XO


Beyoncé has proven why she’s one of the greatest artists on the planet. Last Thursday she revealed a surprise new self-titled visual album with 14 songs and 17 videos with the iTunes download. Is this the future of music? Who said the album was dead? This is an incredibly clever marketing plan, as not only has the internet gone berserk without a traditional and boring press/tv campaign – instead a shock tactic like we’ve seen done before by the likes of Jai Paul – but by including something more than just a digital download this entices people to buy the entire album rather than a few songs. Beyoncé you are a goddess.

Here are two new songs and music videos from her latest album, the production is amazing, ‘Drunk in Love’ reminiscent of artists like Drake, Lorde or even the likes of Purity Ring and Grimes, ‘XO’ more of an epic sound seen by bands like Coldplay in Mylo Xyloto. All hail Queen B, she’s beautiful and amazing.

Beyoncé – Drunk in Love

Beyoncé – XO

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