Black Atlass – Paris

black atlass

Hello 2014, welcome to the first post of the year on the Akira blog, on apparently the most depressing day of the entire year… This day in the year more people commit suicide than on any other day, so therefore I thought it was potentially dangerous to share a slightly morose or dark track today. I’ve gone with something dynamic and uplifting in the form of this rather young looking Canadian artist Black Atlass. After listening to the song you should check out the acoustic version (below), whilst not being as unique it is probably a little bit better than the original recording. We’ll be sharing our tips for 2014 soon, that’s something for all of you to look forward to, and despite how blue you’re feeling today, about going back to work and such, remember it can only get better from here, this one goes out to you David Moyes…

Black Atlass – Paris

Black Atlass – Paris (Acoustic)

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