Broods – Mother & Father (Acoustic)


I much prefer this version to the original, or in fact anything I’ve heard from Broods so far. This is the first time I’ve blogged about Broods, I found the whole thing a bit annoying and manufactured, they played on the connection with Lorde too much, “Broods worked with Lorde’s producer” and I just thought “so f**king what?”… I feel there is more soul in this stripped back acoustic version of the song and it’s very charming, and the two seem a bit more like human beings now, rather than Major Label puppets. I also love Latitude and those woods bring back great memories for me, so maybe that’s helping. The recorded version unfortunately lacks any magic or real feeling for me but this is obviously a great song because it works acoustically. There are many examples of hyped artists and songs around at the moment that have the most incredible electronic production, which makes up for a pretty average song, and if you stripped it back like this it would be horribly exposed. Anyway listen to this and judge for yourself…

Broods – Mother & Father (Acoustic)

Broods – Mother & Father

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