Eliza Shaddad – You For Me (Radio Edit)

Eliza Shaddad

I’m a lazy blogger, I barely post every day because I don’t really like a lot of stuff that other people seem to. I don’t often feel compelled to blog about music if it just doesn’t do a lot for me, and let’s be fair most new music is quite throwaway. A lot of hype stuff bores me, it’s all a bit led balloon sometimes, and it’s not real. I like to blog what I want and not what’s ‘hot’ right now, or what some PR guy is telling me is going to be big, because who cares? It’s about good music right, that’s all that matters, I don’t care if someone is featuring on your track, or if someone cool produced it, if it isn’t any good, I couldn’t care less frankly.

So anyway I’ll get to the point here, Eliza Shaddad is an old friend, she’s played many Akira gigs over the years so when I saw she had a new song I listened merely out of curiosity. At first I was pleasantly surprised and then suddenly left feeling in awe. Wow. This is amazing. So therefore I thought I MUST blog this, so here I am. Also it’s another intention of mine to find all the Radio Edits out there that are nearly 6 minutes long, I’ll compile a list of the Radio Edits that are nearly 6 minutes long, and I hope to create a playlist out of them. A Radio edit is traditionally 4 minutes long so when someone does a Radio Edit of nearly 6 minutes they’re essentially saying “F*ck you Radio, f*ck you Zane Lowe, I’ll do what I want, listen for all of nearly 6 minutes or go f*ck yourself.” It takes balls, and I admire that. I admire anyone with big balls.

Anyway hats off to Eliza Shaddad and this beautiful song.

Eliza Shaddad – You For Me (Radio Edit)

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