Joe Osborne – When River Meets Sea

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This gentleman played my Open Mic / Jam Session at Bedroom Bar recently and I thought his music was so charming & delightful that I felt impelled to share it in the form of a blog post. Joe displayed some great guitar work, an obvious talent for songwriting and what’s more he played the harmonica, and had one of those round the neck braces / harmonica holders that Bob Dylan has. You might notice this song has 31 plays on it, all the more reason to share I believe, and get this baby over 100, or maybe even 1,000. WE CAN DO IT PEOPLE.

The reason I run an open mic night / jam session as not only does it give me an excuse to entertain an audience once a week and jam with my friends but I often find absolute gems. It’s the ultimate A&R tool. I’ve met a lot of amazing musicians and undiscovered talent through my acoustic nights and open mic nights, including Ed Sheeran, Allman Brown, Reuben Hollebon, Eliza Shaddad, and many many more.

If you’re at all inspired to come and play or know somebody that might want to then I run it every Monday at a beautifully intimate and fine venue Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch – London’s hub of music, art and nightlife. For a chance to perform email or simply turn up and come say hello. I’m the tall ginger one.

Bring your instrument, bring your voice and you’ll have the chance to play at least three songs in front of an audience. Whether you’re just starting out and looking to gain more experience or if you’re an established musician who wants to jam and try out new material.

Like the famous venue ‘The Gaslight’ in Greenwich Village, New York, during the folk revival in the early 1960s, I like to think that this night acts as a gateway for singer/songwriters. Anyway before I bore you with any more details listen to this fine gent.

Joe Osborne – When River Meets Sea

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