This guy has an extraordinary name and writes songs that sound like the future. This Melbourne producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP has his debut album Post-Nature coming out Friday 15th August via Yes Please / Remote Control Records. The first offering from his debut album is ‘Help Me Out’ and the reason I love this is because it starts pretty slow, keeps you fairly intrigued and then builds into something magnificent. I like the build so much from 1.11 to 2.00 in the track that for me it takes the entire song from about a 6 to an 8, and then the drop is sensational. The track turns into an unexpected banger, the best kind. The saxophone at the end of the song then takes it from said 8 to a 9. If you’ve written a song that can be described as a 9, you can spend the rest of your days a happy man/lady. Let’s face it there aren’t many 10 songs, there’s no point trying to write a 10, not many people achieve it.

I’ve listened to a few more tracks from LUCIANBLOMKAMP and I’ve decided the guy’s a genius, he’s got a few more 9s up his sleeve (I’ve shared his EP to prove it). I’m adding him to my Spotify playlists as we speak, yeah that’s right he’s made the grade. I only add stuff to my Spotify playlists that are at least 8s or 9s. Before I go can somebody please answer something for me, WHY IS THERE SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC COMING OUT OF AUSTRALIA ALL OF A SUDDEN??!! Most of what I listen to currently that I like is from Australia. I swear there’s more good music coming out of Australia right now than anywhere else, has this always been the case and I’m completely ignorant or has some kind of musical revolution occurred over there? When I was growing up I thought Australian music consisted of Rolf Harris, and wet pop acts like Delta Goodrem, the Minogue sisters, Natalie Imbruglia and Savage Garden. I essentially thought the rites of passage to musical greatness in Australia was by being on Neighbours for a few years first, I’m pretty sure LUCIANBLOMKAMP hasn’t appeared on Neighbours… although I could be wrong considering that I never watch Neighbours. Anyway LUCIANBLOMKAMP you’re my new favourite artist and I can’t wait for your album.


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  1. Ernani Fiori

    It is absolutely gorgeous your music Lucian! Congratulations!
    I enjoyed very much!
    It is wonderful! Beautiful!


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