Paul Thomas Saunders – In High Heels Burn It Down


So you may have seen an announcement yesterday on our Facebook page. If you didn’t read it here now. We are overly excited to announce that Paul Thomas Saunders will be playing live for us at The Green Door Store in Brighton on 19th November! What’s more we’ll be hosting this show alongside our bros at Smashing Blouse.

When you get to work with an artist who you’ve been a huge fan of since the beginning of their career it’s an immense privilege, and ‘Beautiful Desolation’ is genuinely one of my/our most played, and favourite, albums of 2014.

Tickets for the show here.
More details of the event here.

We recommend you check out the video for his stunning single ‘In High Heels Burn It Down’ below. We’d have shared ‘Good Women’ but it’s already been on an Akira playlist earlier this year.

Paul Thomas Saunders – In High Heels Burn It Down

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