Song Of The Week

This week’s SOTW comes from the hottest band on the planet right now, with the hottest lead singer and bassist on the planet right now. This band is so hot their two London shows sold out before you could even find them on the internet… trying your best not to confuse search engines with the popular American TV show… Akira has already placed Friends as No. 4 on our predicted Rising Stars of 2012 Playlist – – and they recently recorded a live session with Huw Stevens on Radio 1, so seriously if you STILL haven’t listened to them you’re having a MARE. They’re cool urban fashionistas from Brooklyn and are the only true ‘Indie’ (on Lucky Number Records) band named on The BBC’s Sound of 2012 list. This track ‘I’m His Girl’ is the perfect dose of Hip Pop – with one of the greatest bass-lines I’ve heard since Timbaland and Aaliyah’s ‘Try Again’ – and this will certainly enlighten your Monday afternoon. Listen to ‘Friends’ and get with the program!

Friends – I’m His Girl

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