We The Wild – Body Electric (Blue) (Lovelife Remix)


Sorry I’ve been a little lax of late, two months late in fact with a Song of the Day. I’ve been touring the UK with Mt. Wolf and then subsequently mourning the loss of Mt. Wolf. After not wanting to listen to music for two weeks I’ve decided to throw myself into it again, heavily, like a junkie. What better place to look than the artists you’ve released eh? If you don’t know about Lovelife yet then WHY THE HELL NOT? They’ve done a bloody good remix of We The Wild’s tune ‘Body Electric (Blue)’. Not only do these gentleman do wonderful remixes but they have some amazing original material as well (check out a tune below), and in fact we’re selling their last release on 10″ Vinyl here at Akira Records. Go get it, a lot of other people have beaten you to it already, but it’s okay, you might be late to the party, but you’re fashionably late if you arrive around now…

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