Wolf Alice – Storms


Wolf Alice have a new song, and it’s bloody great. Ever since I heard ‘Wednesday’ I knew Ellie Roswell was a talent and so I contacted her and asked her to play a gig at CAMP (The City Arts & Music Project) in 2012. I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing at that point, I just knew what I liked, and if I had been running the Label properly at that point I would’ve asked them if I could release them, but I wasn’t, and so it’s why I got my act together and thought “I need to start a bloody Label”! Wolf Alice and a few other bands that I booked around that time nobody really cared about in the industry and I was getting frustrated, thinking “what do you know? I’ll do it myself then.”

Wolf Alice have since changed their sound and gone on from strength to strength, and recently signed to Dirty Hit. The other guys in the band deserve nuff credit for that as well, and the producer. Wolf Alice are like a runaway train, it’s obvious to me that they’re gonna smash it. ‘Wednesday’ has been taken offline but I have it on my iTunes cos I downloaded it illegally, so stick you, it’s still one of my favourite Wolf Alice songs… For what it’s worth I think they are head and shoulders better than any other hype indie grunge band around at the moment who think they’re Nirvana, but they’re not (I won’t name names but you all know who they are, and if you don’t, well you’re not missing much)… I think as long as Wolf Alice stay together, don’t go mental on drugs, or are not persuaded to go ‘more commercial’ then they’ll do bloody well, and will be around in years to come, and then I’ll say ‘I told you so’. If I was a Label, which I now am, I’d sign them on the spot, well done Dirty Hit for the foresight cos you’re often able to spot things before any other Label, look at The 1975 now… I bet a few Majors are kicking themselves that they didn’t sign them two years ago.

Wolf Alice – Storms

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