Wolf Alice vs Black Honey – Giant Peach / Madonna

wolf alice

The battle of the female fronted indie rock bands – who both currently have songs that are taking over the blogs. Wolf Alice are currently my favourite indie rock band in the UK, Black Honey come in at a close second. So far from what I’ve heard I think Wolf Alice are a touch more consistent than any other indie rock band in the UK, and they have more versatility. Black Honey have real moments of greatness, like in their song ‘Teenager’ (below), which will be an international hit some day – if it’s not somebody has gone wrong somewhere. I saw Black Honey live recently and I think they arguably have a better live show than Wolf Alice, although I haven’t actually seen Wolf Alice in the flesh since 2012. I haven’t been as blown away by a live show for a long time as when I saw Black Honey recently, so maybe it’s unfair to compare. Anyway music is not a competition, both bands are great, it’s just that I’ve been listening to both today and they’re doing something fairly similar musically, so I felt like comparing the two. Black Honey is like Wolf Alice’s younger sibling, slightly less self-assured but better dressed, and more into nostalgia and vintage.

Of these two songs I prefer ‘Giant Peach’ but Black Honey currently have more plays on soundcloud for ‘Madonna’ in less time, which I’m sure they’ll be pretty pleased about. It was ingenious to drop a song called ‘Madonna’ straight after Madge took a fall at The Brits. Almost as if the whole thing was a PR stunt, and Black Honey knew it was coming. Anyway both of these bands have had organic listeners and plays from the off, so they deserve everything that will come to them. It’s a shame that can’t be said for so many other indie bands in the UK, who feel they have to pay for soundcloud hits to make up for the lack of listeners. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and SO DO I.

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